Anna Currey

  • Storm Magic

    ‘Storms bring all sorts of magic,’ Miranda’s dad says. And after the great thunderstorm during the night, all sorts of peculiar things start to happen.

    First, a great black-and-white horse mysteriously arrives at the back door. Then Miranda finds a splendid green frog on the kichen table. And when ...

Izhar Cohen

  • The Wolf's Story

    The Wolf's Story

    Ever asked for Wolf’s story? It was never his fault – it was Little Red and her sticky toffees. Now, with the truth laid out before you, you too can trust a wolf… can’t you?

James Marsh

Jim Kay

  • Doubleborn: The Flaxfield Quartet - Volume III

    Doubleborn: The Flaxfield Quartet - Volume III

    Tamrin doesn’t like being at the Canterstock College for Wizards, but when the tailor who sent her there arrives to take her away she knows that she should not go with him. She sets off to find Sam, only to find that their mutual enemy, Ash, has been waiting ...

  • Fireborn: The Flaxfield Quartet - Volume II

    Fireborn: The Flaxfield Quartet - Volume II

  • Dragonborn: The Flaxfield Quartet - Volume I

    Dragonborn: The Flaxfield Quartet - Volume I

    Sam is only halfway through his wizard’s apprenticeship when his master, Flaxfield, dies unexpectedly.

    Soon powerful wizards arrive at Flaxfield’s cottage and Sam, in fear and confusion, runs away from the only home he has ever known.

    But there is no running from destiny; there is evil magic ...

Juan Wijngaard

Laura Cornell

  • Pie Magic

    Pie Magic

    Bertie George is the fattest boy in school – and the loneliest. But he loves his job as a delivery boy for the oldest and smallest and best pie shop in the world. A mysterious customer gives Bertie a magical formula for losing weight, but can the answer to Bertie’s ...

Michael Foreman

  • Wyvern Winter

    Wyvern Winter

    The first book in the Wyvern Quartet.

  • Wyvern Summer

    Franny and her father are camping by the Stone Circle in Herpeton. He wants to make his name by excavating Parcel’s Stones, but Franny sets off on her own to explore the tunnel she has found underneath Stone Pond. She finds herself in another world, caught up in a ...

  • Wyvern Fall

    When Weever announces that the Harvest Festival is to be replaced by Saint Romanus’ Day, the village is furious. Then accidents begin to happen and Thomas Ketch, Weever and Felicity find themselves in a race against each other to make the wyverns fly once more.

Ruth Brown

  • The Christmas Mouse

    The Christmas Mouse

    Ben doesn’t care about Christmas and thinks there’s nothing better in the world than a candied plum. That is until one Christmas Eve, when he is visited by a mysterious stranger who sets him a night-time challenge that leads to his chance discovery of the value of friendship ...

Sophy Williams